“Sometimes in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow

but if we are wise we know that there’s always tomorrow”

These timeless lyrics of the famous Bill Withers song resonate in my head as I lay still reminiscing the days gone by. It seems so trite, speaking of the past. We nonchalantly refrain from broaching it, conveniently pretending nothing happened.  We advise our lovesick friends to move on while we still brood on this itch, arising intermittently. The days and hours we spend clawing this itch till it reddens, burns and scars. I presume by now you think this is some palliating write-up on ‘moving – on’. Well, call it that way, lest you wish to stop reading from this point.

For those of you who choose to resume let’s come back to the bone of contention; The Past. What is it about this four lettered disyllabic word that unnerves us? Why is it, that in a brief span of contemplation those moments, memories, instances, incidents which we wish to avoid, which we arduously try to conceal behind an imaginary curtain in the recesses of our mind, precipitate into this flow of thoughts; unebbed, unceasing? Many abortive attempts to dodge it, has perhaps only triggered its usherance. Doubtless, these thoughts parading in our heads are (mostly) those bitter ones which have indelibly punctuated our lives.

A small peek past this ‘curtain’ and Presto! Welcome to Melancholia!

Haven’t we had enough already?  Haven’t the hours and days we have intemperately squandered, the bouts of insomnia and the alcohol binge (of course) vindicated us from this web of guilt and remorse, from our ‘faux pas’, from the words we have said, the things we have done?

About time we slough off this dead weight, an encumbrance that cleaves like a magnet. Life’s too short for trivialities; for worthless, unrewarding, guilty pensiveness, too short to bawl and drawl for you estranged lover, too short to hate and love your ‘neighbour’ and, more importantly, too short to despise yourself.

Self-love, Self-respect and Self-esteem;the three touchstones of Individuality, don’t mar it with Self-contempt.



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