Dan Brown Unveils ‘Inferno’ Cover


The new Robert Langdon thriller by Dan Brown. Due May 2013. Can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Dan Brown Unveils ‘Inferno’ Cover

  1. Can’t wait for this!!!! And so glad to see you’re reading The Night Circus right now. It does not disappoint. What a cool website with all the best in film and books! Very tastefully done.

    1. Thank you so much. I just got done with The Night Circus. Poof! my mind is officially blown. More of a visual spectacle than a literary phenomenon I must say. I hope they make a movie soon which would hopefully capture the magic on paper.Heard the motion picture rights were sold to Summit Entertainment. Will undoubtedly re-read it sometime soon. I plan to catch The Hunger Games Trilogy in the interim.
      And Dan Brown’s Inferno has flared up way too much curiosity. He should release it already.
      Thanks again for stopping by. You’re my first comment. You made my day. :)

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