A Dog Person’s Account of Owning a Cat


563498_474231249254439_1274156447_nI have a dim sense of envy when I witness people rave about their pets to the point of ennui. I haven’t gone about making propaganda out of my pet. It’s not that I love my pet any less, it’s just that I believe there isn’t an appropriate medium to serve as an outlet for the joys of owning one.   Initially, I was a bit disgruntled. I wanted a dog. I was always a dog person. In fact, with much spieling I convinced my parents to agree to get me one. A Lab. Yes, that’s what I want. We were to go the next day to the pet store. Until, that evening came she. In a shoe box -emanating a peculiar effluvia of what could easily be poop- wrapped in a rugged white cloth was a tiny pink creature with sparse white fur. Imperceptible at first then unfurled those pink eyelids unveiling a pair of watery emerald eyes, to reveal a scrawny kitten – barely a week old. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life. How could I ever let go!

Introducing Phoebe Zachariah!

How she loves lying on her back!

Now four years old, Phoebe has been a fortuitous blessing to the family. A source of many a life’s lessons to a train-wreck like me – I was a reckless, irresponsible and an insufferable teenager. It’s always a delight brushing her coat, caressing her, admiring her gimmicks and tumbling, the low humming sound of her purr. Even the arduous elementary care till she was old enough didn’t seem much of an ordeal.

Cats they say are one of the most mysterious domestic animals on earth. A dog’s behaviour and gestures to a considerable extent are deducible but those of a cat are still an enigma. Nonetheless, Phoebe here leaves bits and pieces for us to pick up. To show that she cares, that even if the haughty cat, who struts with an air of absolute defiance (except when it comes to food), that she is, she feels. She reciprocates. This came to the fore when my mom was convalescing at home after an operation. Phoebe would cuddle herself near Mom the entire day. Even the temptation of catnip couldn’t lure her off. Heart-warming.

Whenever she senses a commotion or a fight in the house she creates a ruckus by scratching the furniture and newspapers which overwhelms the raucous din attracting attention towards her and diverting it from the squabble, making the squabbling lot beam at her innocence and forget that there even was an argument in the first place.

She has a distinct gesture to show she’s hungry – She’ll first paw you and then nibble your feet.

69315_173097612701139_6176687_nCats are such easy maintenance and the idiomatic cherry on top is that they are naturally toilet trained. This was such a relief to Mom who was apprehensive about this in particular among other things.

There’s an old adage which says ‘Dogs have masters and cats have staff’. Cats have an inherent ability to be independent. They can take care of themselves. The only reason that she’s with you right now is because you are an easy source of food and water and your abode suits her 18-hour hibernation. She really couldn’t care less about you the day you hamper her source. It’s a cynical notion but true.  This in no manner degrades their lovability quotient. However, there is a lesson in it for all of us.  In a world where we think twice before trusting our own neighbor, we are but left to look out for ourselves. Harsh Truth.

I could go on and on but then again I would be contradicting my stance about raving to the point of your ennui. Have a nice day.


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22 thoughts on “A Dog Person’s Account of Owning a Cat

  1. Thanks by coming by my blog! Love these pictures of Phoebe! She is beautiful and still seems very kittenish. I have 3 cats … I’m definitely a cat person and so is my husband. Friends joke that we are “stray cat magnets” because most of the cats we have cared for just showed up at our door (word got out that there was free food, shelter and vet service, I guess). The youngest of the 3 is probably about 4, the middle one about 9, and the oldest pushing 20. All of them still have kittenish ways so they can be quite entertaining :) (OK, now I’m going on and on and on … )

    1. Hahahaha. I can’t blame you. They are such little devils at times. Then they stare at you with those eyes and that’s done, before you know it you’ve condoned the mischief and cuddling her. Phoebe pulls that face when she drops the dustbin and the refuse spills out. :p
      It’s very noble of you to adopt strays. Here in India cats are treated as ominous creatures so hardly anyone adopts them. That’s sad actually. Thanks for stopping by. I’d like to see more pictures of your cats. :)

      1. You seem to be a comedian. I am no writer, I have no desire to be a writer. I am a reader. A very talented reader. Read every single book on my parents bookshelf from 12-14.
        You are easy to read, I enjoy your one story I had time to read. There were no skips or jumps. Your words flowed. Perfect.

      2. Now now you’re just saying that. ;p
        Anywho, writing is not particularly my forte. I’m as naive as everyone else out there. I do have a penchant for reading though. I’m a voracious reader like you. The very purpose of this blog was to record my thoughts one book at a time. You should share recommendations. I’d love to know what you read. Thanks for stopping by Amy. It’s rare to find a compliment these days. :)

  2. Owww what a cute cat! You should post more pictures. Right, this is a bookish blog, but every once in a while, we need a break from books and some feline love :D

  3. Phoebe is, of course, beautiful! You write, “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.” Don’t you realise that you are owned by your cat?

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